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The Most Common Signs You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom

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12:24 PM

Your bathroom is one of the high-traffic areas of your home, and it's only natural for your bathroom to suffer from general wear and tear. From leaky faucets to cracked tiles, your bathroom can quickly collect little flaws, and when not addressed in time, these minor problems can turn into bigger issues that often need action. Here are the most common signs that will indicate that there is a need to renovate your bathroom.


Common Signs You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom


Persistent Leakages

Whether it's your faucet, shower, or sink, when there is persistent leakage in your bathroom, it is a clear indication that you need to renovate your bathroom. Allowing leaking water to get pooled around your bathroom surfaces can be detrimental to your entire home. And if water gathers around electrical outlets, it can quickly turn out to be a threat to your safety while being a concern for your floor tiles and wall paints.

Even when you notice minor but persistent leakages, it’s best not to ignore them and make sure you opt for bathroom renovation as soon as possible.


Damaged Flooring

Do you notice cracked tiles on your bathroom floor? It is a clear indication that you need to renovate your bathroom. Cracked tiles and damaged floors provide a way for the water to seep into the floorboards. As a result, you may end up damaging your floor. While the damage to your floor often starts with discoloration and stains, it can lead to more significant damage that can call for more extensive repair or complete renovation of your bathroom.


Cramped Bathroom Layout

Do you feel your bathroom lacks functionality and storage? It is a clear indication that your bathroom needs renovation. Most of the homes constructed in the 90's lack modern-day needs. They are designed with limited space and have issues with the organization of the bathroom, which results in a cramped layout. If you find yourself frustrated with the layout or organization of your bathroom, then it's time for a bathroom makeover. 

When you are ready for bathroom renovations, J and S Hammertime Constructions is there for the complete makeover. Regardless of the size of your bathroom and the extent of renovation you are looking for, our renovation experts are there to guide you at each step so you can look forward to a new and improved bathroom that’s exactly as per your needs without any inconvenience. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today by calling at 03-9304-4239 or sending an online enquiry here.