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Some easy DIY ideas

Posted By Hammertime  
16:00 PM

If you have the renovation bug, but something is holding you back, you can make changes with some small DIY projects around the home until you’re able to complete the renovation of your dreams.

April is a great month to get stuck into these projects, with Easter giving most people a little break and some time at home. But when we say small DIY projects, we mean small! Don’t get carried away with what you think you can do yourself, as we always say, anything major should be left to experts like us!

So, what are some great projects that don’t require much expertise but can be done pretty easily and make a big difference? Check out some of our ideas below:

Front door makeover

A brightly coloured front door can bring a new flavour to the entrance of your home. We recommend using an oil based high gloss finish for this project, the results are worth it!

Create a feature wall

A splash of colour on the centrally located wall can give your space a whole new look. If you’re feeling brave you could even try your hand at applying some wallpaper. There are so many designs on the market you will easily find something that suits your home.

Get the pressure washer out

You’ll be surprised the difference a thorough pressure wash can make. Dirt and grime builds up on outdoor areas such as decking and paving and can create significant discolouration. A thorough pressure wash with the appropriate cleaning solution will have your outdoor area looking brand new again.

Introduce some artwork

Hanging artwork can reinvigorate a space. This is something relatively easy to do, but can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. The most important thing to consider when hanging artwork is the location, and of course, that it is hung straight. The saying “measure twice, cut once” can be used for hanging artwork! You want to be focusing on the frame when you look at it, not the fact that it is hung wonky!

Redecorate with some hanging plants

There aren’t many homes these days that don’t have some sort of indoor greenery. Hanging them from the ceiling not only looks great, but is practical and wont clutter your floor or shelving. When hanging plants from the roof ensure you have the correct anchors, otherwise you could be dealing with some large holes in your plaster!

If small scale home improvements aren’t for you but a renovation is in your future, why not spend your Easter doing some planning? We’ve written a blog about realistic timeframes and budgets for renovations that may help your planning. You can read more here.

We also have more information about our quoting process, and the steps you need to take to get your renovation project going. Read more here.