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These are the top signs when you know it's time to renovate your home

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08:41 AM

I have been living in my two-bedroom apartment for as long as I can remember. I moved in when I started my first job five years ago - three careers, four relationships, and one engagement later, I am still living in the same place. There was a time when I felt that it was getting too stuffy, and I just wanted to move out to a more spacious area. However, my financial situation didn’t give me the flexibility to buy a new place. After hours of searching on the internet and consulting friends, I decided to give my apartment a makeover instead. 

Many benefits come with renovating your house. It increases the comfort and value of your home, it improves the security and efficiency of the house, and it may save the cost of buying a new house. I was already happy with my apartment - judging the location and the comfort of staying there for years. Still, sometimes you need a refreshing change to improve your mood in the house. There are many other indicating factors to a house renovation decision, though. Perhaps your family is growing bigger and the space is getting smaller. There’s always new house design trending. Or some of the things in your house don’t function as well anymore. So how do you know if you’re ready for a house renovation

  1. Old & Faulty Features

As your house gets older, your home features do too, and this may affect the way it functions in the long run. Some of the issues - like, clogged sink, leaky tap, or defective lighting - are generally quick and easy to fix. But if the problems keep coming back then maybe it’s a sign that you should replace some of your fixtures. 

  1. Structural Issues

The structural issue is a non-negotiable factor. If you start having problems that may affect the structure of your house, you need to take fast action before any further damage happens to your home. What is considered an emergency in this scenario? When do you need to start feeling concerned?

  1. Termite infestation 

An army of termite is the worst housemate you could ever have! If your house starts harbouring termite nests, it means you require a significant upgrade to your house materials. 

  1. Big wall cracks

Typically small hairline cracks on the walls aren’t a huge problem and are still repairable. However, in the event where you find that the crack has a 3/16” wide gap or more, the side of the wall is higher than the other, or your door won’t close in the exact frame anymore, you need to come up with an immediate plan before your house starts crumbling. 

  1. Flooring problems 

The floor is the most essential part of your house as it is the part that the most of the stress goes through. Kitchen and bathroom floors are usually more prone to deterioration; if you start seeing cracks, dents, or stains on the floor, you need to be prepared. Other than that, flooring plays a big part in interior design. So, if you need new floor tiles, it is a good chance for you to change the interior of your house as well. 

  1. Outdated house design 

There is a tremendous sentimental value that comes with a house, especially if you own a property handed down from generation to generation. It doesn’t mean physical change will affect the memories it holds! It’s always refreshing to add a few changes in your home - in some cases; it may give you a bigger and more efficient space. 

If you notice some of the things mentioned above happening in your house, it means it’s ready for a new start. It’s always good to prevent further damage or depreciation of your house value; this can be a problem if you need to sell it in the future. And, who knows, maybe you can finally have the Pinterest inspired home that you’ve always wanted.