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Inspiring outdoors

Posted By Hammertime Constructions  
07:00 AM

Summer goals are set in winter, right? It might be cold outside, but winter is the perfect time to plan for summer and where you’d like to be spending those warm days.

Now is the time to be planning any changes to your outdoor space. Before we know it spring will be here and at the first sight of sunshine we know we'll be using our decks, patios and verandas again!

It might seem early, but by the time you plan everything out, get any required permits and start the works, it should be ready just in time for the warmer weather. Let us help your planning with some tips, tricks and ideas!

There are so many more options for your outdoor area than just some tables, chairs and a barbecue. Our number one piece of advice is, think about how you use your outside space and plan accordingly. Do you love to entertain? Would you like somewhere for the kids to play? Do you enjoy outdoor living and dining?

Something else we also think is great for your outdoor area is to make it weatherproof. If there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s that weather is unreliable! But if you design your space to be suitable for all seasons you can’t lose, and will make your space useable in rain, hail or shine. A great way to do this is with an enclosed roof. This also works really well to create the indoor/outdoor dining room and make your space an extension of your indoor living spaces. If you can’t include an enclosed roofing, a pergola is a great way to offer shade in your outdoor area for those hot summer days.

Another great way to make your space suitable for all weather conditions is to consider heating and cooling options. A fire pit is a great inclusion, it can provide warmth in winter and create a great atmosphere in the warmer months.

Something else that we think is a really important consideration is the materials you use and factoring in maintenance. If you’re plaining on installing a deck in your outdoor area, this will need to be re-coated regularly to ensure it’s looking its best. Paving is an alternative you could consider, and there are also artificial decking products that give the same look without the upkeep. Do your research to work out what option is best for you.

Finally, if you’re creating your dream outdoor living space where you’ll entertaining it’s hard to go passed an outdoor kitchen! These can be as small or a big as you like. From a simple barbecue set up to the full kitchen sink, you can’t go passed cooking in the great outdoors!