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Does your home need a renovation?

Posted By Hammertime  
17:00 PM

There are many reasons to undertake a home renovation. For many, it’s because they have outgrown their home and need more space, or their house is outdated and needs updating. But then there are those who are in the unfortunate position where they NEED to renovate.

Wear and tear around the home can be a sign of things going on under the surface that could spell trouble. So what are the signs that it is time to call in the experts and renovate your home?

Structural issues are non-negotiable factors that may lead to a home renovation. If you are having problems that may affect the structure of your house, you need to take fast action before any further damage happens to your home.

Here are some examples of warning signs:

  • Big wall cracks: In general, small hairline cracks in walls won’t be a huge problem and can be repaired. However, if your home is experiencing cracks with a gap, uneven spots on the wall or doors not closing properly any more, it’s time to get someone in to check the integrity of the structure. 
  • Flooring problems: One of the most essential and used parts of your home, flooring can undergo a significant amount of stress. Kitchen and bathroom floors are the most prone to deterioration. If you start seeing cracks, dents or stains on the floor, this is cause for concern.
  • Drainage problems: Plumbing systems basically run throughout your whole house and leaks can be hard to notice. Unfortunately, pipe repairs are often put off until the problem is in a severe state. While it may seem like something small at the time, a damaged pipe can compromise the foundation of your home.
  • Leaking roof: A roof is not supposed to leak, and when one is discovered it should be addressed. It could be a sign of deeper issues and indicate an issue that is not necessarily easy to spot. A leaky roof can also spread mould and mildew throughout the home, which can be dangerous to your family’s health. Water spots on the ceiling can be an indication of this, and also a clear sign you need to call in an expert.
  • Pests and insects: One undeniable sign that your home needs renovation is evidence of termite infestation. Termites can do significant damage to your home, requiring thousands of dollars in repairs. You need to eliminate termite infestation first before you start with the renovations.

If you’re reading this and in the unfortunate position of being forced to undertake major renovations to your home due to damage, get in touch with the Hammertime team to talk about your options.