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This is Why We Don’t Recommend DIY Renovations

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11:20 AM

Has it ever occurred to you that your house could use a little revamp? Did you even go as far as taking a quotation from a contractor about how much renovating your home would cost you? If yes, the cost may have blown your mind and put pause to the thought of the renovations – or maybe not. You’re probably thinking at this point, “I can just do the renovations myself. After all, how difficult can it possibly be?”

Well, hold your horses right there. Renovating your house is not an easy job. It comes with numerous challenges that you won’t know your way around. It requires a person with the right skills, tools, and equipment to do the job right.

If you’re looking to take on your home renovation project by yourself, take a deep breath and give this blog post a read to know why we don’t recommend DIY renovations.

You Lack Expertise in Interior Design

How hard can it be to design the perfect interior layout? The answer is – very hard. Your space doesn’t have to be stylish, but it has to be practical and functional as well. It should have all the stylish features while it fulfils the needs of you and your family. And doing it right doesn’t come easy. It requires extensive research, knowledge about various interior designs, and the ability to make impromptu decisions – not something that you, as a layperson, can do.

Renovation is Followed by a Massive Mess

Renovations are always accompanied by a huge mess, whether you do it on your own or have a professional do it for you. However, the difference lies in how well the mess is cleaned post-renovation. If you get to it yourself, it’s highly possible that you’ll feel overwhelmed with the amount of mess and load of work you’ll have to do. However, when you leave the job for professional renovators, they’ll make sure they leave your house looking like a sight to behold – stylish, beautiful, and absolutely clean!

You Can’t Do Physical Labour

While you can paint the walls and polish the floors yourself, you can’t do all the physical labour that’s involved, especially if you’re planning a full-scale renovation. You can’t install kitchen cabinets or bathroom wall surrounds, or do similar physical work yourself. You’ll need to hire professional help. If you’re adamant about doing it all yourself, keep in mind that you’re putting yourself at the risk of getting injured. Trust us – it’s not worth it.

You’ll End up Making Mistakes

Since you’re no renovation expert, you’re bound to make mistakes. In the case of home renovation, mistakes are going to cost you a lot. If you end up doing something wrong, the entire job will have to be repeated. It means a significant amount of your time and money will go to waste.

You Don’t Have the Tools and Equipment

Another reason why we don’t recommend DIY renovations is that you don’t have the right tools and equipment that are needed to do the job right. Renovation isn’t just changing the colour of your walls or getting new furniture; it’s a lot more than that. It involves getting rid of old installations and replacing them with newer, modern varieties, and all of this requires certain tools and equipment - that you don’t have. 

If you’re planning to do DIY renovations, we suggest you against it. It’s not the best idea. If you think it would save you money, trust us when we say – it’s only going to cost you more in the long run. Professional renovation may seem like a major financial step right now, but your investment will go a long way!

So, what’s the wait for? Get in touch with Hammertime Carpentry and get your home renovated as you like!