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Steel frame vs Timber frames

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10:21 AM

You want the best possible structure for your home. Depending upon the area where you live, it may be a necessity to have a frame that is able to withstand the elements. Strong winds, snow, heavy rains, even tornadoes and earthquakes can cause significant structural damage to your frame if it is not built properly, leading many to wonder what the best choice between a steel or a timber frame is.


What Is the Difference?

A good place to begin in answering this question is to point out the differences between a steel and a timber frame. Steel uses steel columns and beams to create horizontal and vertical structures. These beams are implemented as columns which are then used to provide internal fixtures, furnishings, roofs, flooring, and other types of support. A steel frame is a very cost-effective choice, as it is durable and sustainable, and is perfect for any setting. Plus, it is able to withstand just about any weather condition or natural disaster you could imagine.

Timber frames on the other hand, are built with wood. This has been the most common choice for building homes for thousands of years. While not appearing as durable as steel, timber is a very strong material. It can withstand just about any condition but is not nearly as strong as most types of steel.

However, one of the big advantages of wood is that it can be moulded, shaped, or modified to fit just about any structure you may need. If you have a steel beam that does not fit into a particular area, it is quite a bit of work to try to cut or moulded so that it does work within the allotted space. With timber, this is a snap. A skilled expert with a saw can do the work in a matter of seconds, keeping you moving forward on your project.

This is also a comparison of cost long-term versus immediate. Steel is more expensive to put in your home, but it lasts longer and is more durable. If you are looking at the long-term cost involved, steel is your better choice. However, timber is usually far less expensive. You can save yourself significant money up front by choosing wood.


Both Do the Job

While there are advantages to both, one of the things you will like is that both types of frames give you great flexibility in terms of remodelling or doing other modifications to your home. For example, if you decided to remodel your kitchen or add an addition onto your home, you can easily do so with either a steel or timber frame. Neither denies you any opportunity to modify.

In fact, one of the interesting things about both materials is that they can become interchangeable. You may have built your home in timber but have decided to add an additional room to your home that is framed in steel. While an interesting choice, it is still possible to do.

The important thing to realize is that you can work with either framing to build your home or other similar type of structure. There are advantages to both, such as steel provides durability and longevity, while timber provides a warmer home at a less expensive cost. Either way, you can be sure your home is going to be beautiful.