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Reflecting on 2021

Posted By Hammertime  
10:40 AM

With every renovation we complete, we learn something that can be taken into the next one. Whether it’s a more efficient way to do things, different products to use or improved processes. This year we completed four full home renovations and extensions, four kitchens, a laundry, two ensuites and two exterior upgrades. 

If there’s anything to be taken from 2021, it’s a whole lot of lessons! This year presented so many challenges that we had to work around. While at the time, working through Covid restrictions and various lockdowns was a total mine field, ultimately it will make us better going into the future. 

For the final Hammertime blog of the year, we sat down with Hammertime Directors Jared and Scott to take a look back at 2021, find out what they learnt and what they’re looking forward to going in to 2022.


How do you feel as we head towards the end of 2021?

Jared: When I think about this year coming to a close, the overwhelming feeling I have is relief. What a year, but we made it out! Planning was a nightmare and it felt like we were walking into the great unknown week to week but somehow we trooped on and completed some great projects!

Scott: What an absolute roller coaster, and that goes beyond just this year and for last year as well. It’s been a long 18 plus months for Melbourne. We have certainly all earned our break at the end of the year after months of uncertainty, changes to rules and regulations and rescheduling. 


What are some lessons you took out of 2021?

Jared: Without a doubt, how important being flexible is. We had to pivot, then pivot, and then pivot some more. Thankfully our clients were really understanding that certain things were beyond our control and we were able to get back to their renovations as soon as we could. 

Scott: Even though it sometimes felt like we were doing it in the dark, what was clear was good planning was key. And planning with contingencies as well. We would make a plan, and then a plan if that plan couldn’t go ahead, and then another back up plan again! 

Both agreed: The team you surround yourself with is absolutely key. We are so grateful for the Hammertime family, we pulled together, chopped and changed projects and moved people and workloads around as rules and regulations changed. Our crew took everything in their stride, and continued to work hard to provide the best results for our clients. And this was all while dealing with what was sometimes a scary time living through the pandemic and risk. We have been so proud and thankful to all of them.


What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Jared: Going into next year almost feels like a fresh start. Yes Covid is here to stay, but hopefully it will just become something we live with and not something that is going to impact us on and off again like it has over the last couple of years. 

Scott: Despite the challenges of 2021, Hammertime had a great year and undertook some really great projects. I can’t wait to see what we achieve over the next 12 months and how our company grows. We are certainly finishing the year on a high, beginning some large projects that will see our clients moving into their dream homes upon completion next year.